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Did you know that shoulder pain is the third most common musculoskeletal presentations to general practitioners (GPs) in Australia? [1] The shoulder is designed to have the most range of motion compared to all other joints, which is why it comes as no surprise that it is a common source of pain caused by injuries.

The shoulder has three parts:

  • The Clavicle
  • Humerus
  • Scapula
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Common Shoulder Injuries Seen by Our Local Physiotherapist

Because the shoulders are the most used part of our bodies, it is at a much higher risk of overuse injuries. Common shoulder injuries include but may not be limited to:

It is worth mentioning that overuse injuries are worse than acute injuries since they tend to develop over time and are often a result of daily activities. These injuries are caused by the shoulder joint or the tissue around it being stressed, and most people may not realize what’s wrong until there is an annoying, dull pain.


How Can Physiotherapy Help with Shoulder Pain?

Depending on what caused your injury, shoulder therapy performed by a shoulder physio will most likely include various treatment methods. These methods are:

Ice Therapy 

This is usually icing the injured area. Thus reducing the inflammation and swelling of the area, along with lowering the intensity of pain.

Heat Therapy 

Heat therapy is used around 3 days after the injury. Similar to ice, this, too, is an effective painkiller with no adverse effects because it helps relax the muscles.

Hands on Physio

As you might imagine, the therapist uses their hands to relax the injured area. A shoulder physio will use directional pressure on the affected tissue to help it regain mobility naturally.


The therapist helps by exercising the affected area and the areas around it to help regain its range of motion.

Other types of therapy used include:

  • Taping
  • Dry needling
  • Mobilisation
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4 Simple Exercises to Help Relieve Shoulder Pain

The Neck Release

This exercise is meant to give your shoulder and neck muscles some relief. All you need is to dip your head and touch your chin to the chest, which will help you feel a stretch in the back of your neck. Then lift it gently, and tilt it to one side, allowing the opposite end of the shoulder to stretch. Do this for the other side.

Chest Expansion

Interlace your hands behind you. Then gently squeeze your shoulder blades closer together to open up the chest. Feel a stretch around the front of your shoulders.

Shoulder Rolls

Roll your shoulders backwards in a circular motion around 10-15 times. Then repeat in a forward circular motion. This exercise assist in maintaining the mobility around the shoulder.

The Seated Twist

If you are a regular practitioner of yoga, then this is an exercise you will recognize. Sit on a chair. Ensure the hips face forward and twist your body to one side. Hold this stretch for a few seconds, and then do it for the other side.

If these exercises haven’t done much good for you, or you feel that the shoulder pain may be part of a much more severe issue, then get in touch with our physiotherapist today to book your appointment at Doreen. Our physiotherapist at Doreen has over 15 years of experience and will be able to assist you with your issue.



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