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Understanding Physiotherapy and Exercise Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy utilises techniques such as manual treatment, education and physical activity to reestablish movement and operation. Think of it like your car needing maintenance; physios are the mechanics for your body.

Exercise rehabilitation also plays an equally crucial role whereby we focus on specific exercises that help regain strength after injury. This is important to ensure we minimise reoccurence and reduce the risk of future injuries.


Different Types of Exercise Rehabilitation Programs

Exercise rehab programs can take on many forms, all tailored to meet particular requirements. From sports injury recovery to post-surgery rehab, the variety is vast.

The first type is Sports Injury Rehabilitation. These are specially designed for athletes aiming to get back into their game quickly but safely. Techniques used often include strength training and flexibility exercises.

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation, on the other hand, focuses more on restoring function after surgery. It’s a crucial step towards full recovery as it helps patients regain strength and mobility lost during their surgical procedures.

Last but not least, we have Pain Management Programs. These cater specifically to individuals dealing with chronic pain issues. The goal here isn’t just relief but also teaching strategies for managing discomfort long-term. So remember – there’s always an exercise rehab program that can help you bounce back.


How Long Does Exercise Rehabilitation Typically Take?

The duration of exercise rehab varies widely, depending on the injury and individual’s health. Some may heal quickly, while others could take several months or more.

Here’s an example of a knee rehabilitation program for individuals with osteoarthritis. Research have shown that a neuromuscular exercise program takes 12 weeks, in order to see progress and improvement.

In any type of exercise rehabilitation, patient adherence plays a big role. If you’re consistent with your exercises and treatment plan, you’ll likely see faster progress.


Enquire About Exercise Rehabilitation

Whether you have sustained an injury or looking to proactively stay on top of your health, exercise rehabilitation is a great option for you.

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